Simplicity, intuition, ergonomic and comfort on one hand and desirability, luxurious and high-end design on the other, were the key values that lead our team in designing the wide view, hi res, color binocular display.

X-SIGHT is Elbit Systems wide field of view binoculars HMD. This head mounted device, for helicopter pilots, simplifies, and improves in flight decision making.

High end technology

With an unparalleled field of view and high-resolution, color binocular display, X-Sight leverages sensor outputs to create and present an intuitive view of the aircraft’s operational surroundings.

Fusing active sensor data with tactical flight and mission data, X-Sight creates an overlay of intuitive, 3D conformal symbology and Synthetic Vision Symbology (SVS), presented on top of visual sensor imagery. When supported by the helicopter’s sensors, X-Sight can also provide ‘transparent cockpit’ functionality, allowing pilots to see beyond cockpit boundaries, displaying a 360-degree view with no visual obstacles. In doing so, X-Sight delivers the ultimate situational awareness, optimizing mission capabilities, while increasing survivability, efficiency, and safety.

Design values

A luxurious look that would fit the most advanced head mounted display system in the world. Streamline design with Slick and flowing surfaces, and the exposure of the carbon fiber material, all serve to fit the field of advanced aviation the system belongs to.

Compliance with optical constraints

Maintaining the desired appearance while meeting the field of view constrains of the many optical sensors of the system.

Designed to last

The cover was specially designed for composite material manufacturing. for maximum strength with minimum weight to Meet ergonomics requirements.


Design of user interfaces, for easy and intuitively operation by the pilot, in accordance with use scenarios - on the land and in the air, day and night.


The design was a parallel process to an engineering process of a developmental nature, which was characterized by many changes in the design on the fly and challenged our team to react, quickly and accurately, in order to meet the weight and strength requirements, as well as the optical constraints , while staying true to the original design concept.