Space computing

The Israeli company that developed this product revolutionizes the way software and hardware are used in space, so we set ourselves a goal to do the same to the way they look and feel.

We chose an elegant, slick, and sophisticated design approach to ‘under the hood’ hardware while keeping it Robust, durable, and functional.


This soon-to-be-released device is a state-of-the-art space resilient computing Hardware and Software that is the core of new space satellites and deep space missions.

Challenges all around

Our challenge in this design process was not compromising on our esthetic vision of a high-end, smart, slick, and desirable look – whilst meeting the strict standards of space bound hardware that needs to withstand harsh conditions in LEO, MEO and deep space environment.

Manufacture oriented thinking

With all these constraint and specifications another challenge was keeping our design easy for manufacturing and as cost efficient as possible.


With our great team of designers and the close work with Ramon space’s team we managed to meet the task and take our design to infinity and beyond…