Power Waist Pack

Beyeonics develops and promotes fully digital surgical platforms to empower surgeons. The surgical information incorporate VR and AR navigation technologies and deliver surgical information through an immersive AR surgical headset display & control unit.

Throughout our close work with Beyeonics, we have been involved in the characterization and design of advanced AR systems, as well as complementary components such as the battery case for the future wireless system.

Design meets usability

The case is designed in accordance with the meticulous design language that characterizes all of the company's products, with an emphasis on usability, to suit to an environment full of strict constrains and requirements such as sterility, fast-paced work and intolerance for mistakes.

Design meets engineering

During the course of our work, we kept engineering considerations and limitations in mind to avoid unnecessarily complex mechanical design. At the same time, we made sure not to sacrifice usability and ergonomic considerations.

The design of the case has been aligned with the planned production technology and with the goal of reducing production cost, while also ensuring that the end product is both functional and comfortable to use.