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Our work

We are passionate about creating products that not only look good but also work seamlessly. We design and develop groundbreaking, innovative and user-centered products that prioritize the user experience above all else.

Our team of skilled designers strives to achieve the perfect balance between form and function, resulting in products that are both beautiful and highly functional.

With a portfolio spanning various industries, from consumer electronics to medical devices and defense industries, we've gained a reputation for innovation and excellence.

Trust us to turn your ideas into reality and let us help you create products that people love to use.


Simplicity, intuition, ergonomic and comfort on one hand and desirability, luxurious and high-end design on the other, were the key values that lead our team in designing the wide view, hi res, color binocular display.

X-SIGHT is Elbit Systems wide field of view binoculars HMD. This head mounted device, for helicopter pilots, simplifies, and improves in flight decision making.

G2 Plus

The G2+ is a surveillance drone designed for fast and accurate stealth missions. Its carbon fiber body is built to be strong and light.

Space computing

The Israeli company that developed this product revolutionizes the way software and hardware are used in space, so we set ourselves a goal to do the same to the way they look and feel.

We chose an elegant, slick, and sophisticated design approach to ‘under the hood’ hardware while keeping it Robust, durable, and functional.

Creativity and thoroughness
"Synergistic work and quick responses to changes. showcasing their creative thinking, ability to explore new worlds and out-of-the-box solution proposals."
Adi Bashary Mechanical Team leader (HMDs & Sensors) at Elbit Systems
Professionalism, Critical Thinking, and Flexibility
"BR Studio show exceptional professionalism, critical thinking skills, and flexibility, demonstrated by their promptness, expertise, and ability to adapt to changing project needs."
Tomer Carmeli Product Manager at Inspira Technologies
I truly enjoy working with the team
"I was impressed by the studio's reaction speed, as well as their ability to harness their effort and dedication to deliver exceptional results on our project."
Ran Kalechman System engineer at Beyeonics
The ability to understand the customer's needs
"BR Studio exceeded my expectations with their ability to truly listen and internalize my needs as a customer, resulting in a design that perfectly translated my vision into reality. I thoroughly enjoyed every stage of working with the studio."
Yosef Shor Head of mechanical engineering at Ramon Space
Pleasant and professional team work
"The team showed excellent interpersonal skills - Ori, Elad, Inon & Omri. It was very pleasant working with you. You quickly understood the needs and requirements and showed great commitment."
Itai Gomer VP Business Development
Availability flexibility and creativity
"The studio shows exceptional dedication and availability, as well as in-depth knowledge of the client's content world. Their expertise enabled us to achieve excellent results with minimal guidance."
Aviel Yahav Vertical lift Business Development & Marketing at Elbit Systems
Loyalty to the professional truth
"Excellent human relations, flexibility, and Open mindedness. BR Studio demonstrated the courage to tell me their professional truth, even if it was contrary to my expectations."
Omri Arif CDO at Beyeonics
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Caja Robotics Lift Robot

With a minimalistic and functional design Optimus 2.0 is a fully automated, autonomous robotic solution that combines the intelligence and flexibility of humans with the power and efficiency of robots.

Power Waist Pack

Beyeonics develops and promotes fully digital surgical platforms to empower surgeons. The surgical information incorporate VR and AR navigation technologies and deliver surgical information through an immersive AR surgical headset display & control unit.

Throughout our close work with Beyeonics, we have been involved in the characterization and design of advanced AR systems, as well as complementary components such as the battery case for the future wireless system.

Our partners

We have set ourselves a goal to provide a unique service that meets the needs of each client and works synergistically with their development team. Our growing list of satisfied clients can attest to the effectiveness of our service and the successful products we have developed together.

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Clarity and intuitiveness are the values that guided us when we approached to design Inspira's ALICE system user interface.

The ALICE™ device includes several Inspira Technologies developed features and capabilities, including a large touchscreen and novel colorful graphical representation that increases the visibility and functionality of data displayed to the medical staff.


If it looks like a box, sounds like a box and moves like a box, it might be a state of the art and innovative piece of technology.

This successful design was achieved by the complex process of balancing all the product elements and requirements, to create a functional, user-friendly, visually appealing, and cost-effective design.